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Haunted Scotland

Ghost Finders In The Media

Below is a list of some of Ghost Finders media and public appearances.

December 2014
Mark Turner filming for US TV production 'Brew Dogs' at Haddo House, Aberdeen.

May 2014
Mark Turner filming at Overtoun Bridge near Glasgow for The Unexplained Files TV production.

January 2012
Filming for US TV production in Edinburgh.

December 2010
Mark Turner and Spiritualist Medium Linda McCann of Ghost Finders featured in The Sunday Herald Magazine.

November 2010
Mark Turner of Ghost Finders interviewed on TV programme 'Ghost Hunters International' at a location in Scotland that will be featured on the show. To be televised some time in 2011.

October 2010
Investigation at the Tweeddale Arms featured in newspaper The News Of the World.

August 2010
Ghost Finders conducted a paranormal investigation preview at Mary King's Close for various journalists on behalf of Mary King's Close & Visit Scotlan.

March 2010
Various publications in connection with Edinburgh Ghost Fest 2010

August 2009
Investigation at Mary King's Close for a 4 page feature in BMI's inflight magazine Yeahbaby. This magazine will be available on BMI flights over the halloween 2009 period.

January 2009 & June 2009
Filmed pilot TV show. To be completed Oct 2009.

November 2008
Mark Turner interviewed about EVP on Kerrang FM Radio for 'The Night Before' show.

September 2008
Mark Turner interviewed in Edinburgh for US TV production 'Ghost Adventures'.

August 2008
Mark Turner interviewed on Liverpool based FM station Radio City.

May 2008
Mark Turner of Ghost Finders interviewed for a CNN news report about Edinburgh Ghost Fest 2008.

Mark Turner of Ghost Finders interviewed on Talk 107 radio about Edinburgh Ghost Fest 2008.

Ghost Finders filmed for a Swedish TV production at Mary King's Close in Edinburgh.

Various newspaper articles about Ghost Finders experiments at Edinburgh Ghost Fest 2008.

February 2008
Mark Turner interviewed for Danish national newspaper Berlingske Tidende

Discovery Channel production Mysterious Journeys - Haunted Scotland, featuring six investigation by Ghost Finders Scotland airs in the UK. Aired 22nd February 2008 at 11pm on Discovery Knowledge.

Mark Turner interviewed for 1 hour on Unexplained Radio.

Extensive Interview with a freelance journalist about EVP for various publications.

Mark Turner conducts a 3 hour talk on the paranormal in Edinburgh for 20 visiting US students.

October 2007
Features about Ghost Finders involvement in The Canterbury Ghost Fest appear in many newspapers and magazines in the South of England.

Mark Turner interviewed by Crusader Films for a paranormal production.

Mark Turner of Ghost Finders hosts a 3 hour press event for the Canterbury Ghost Fest.

2 Page feature in The Sunday Herald featuring the Ghost Finders team's charity investigation at Chillingham Castle.

Mark Turner of Ghost Finders features on a US radio show for 2 hours.

September 2007
Mark Turner of Ghost Finders conducted a talk on paranormal investigating for the Edinburgh Fortean Society.

May 2007
Mark Turner and Domenic Capaldi of Ghost Finders filmed at Chillingham Castle with Robbie Coltrane for ITV1. Aired September 2007.

The Ghost Finders team knocked back the opportunity to take part in an ITV show by the name of 'Tough Gig'. Although this may have represented good publicity, the team felt that the show would devalue the subject of paranormal investigating and decided to opt out.

The team filmed six paranormal investigations for The Discovery Channel over a 2 week period. Due to be aired on 23rd November 2007 in the United States.

Mark Turner interviewed on Talk107 FM radio.

April 2007
Mark Turner filmed for TV channel Nine Network Australia at Culzean Castle. Aired August 2007.

Mark Turner of Ghost Finders conducts a 2 hour radio interview.

March 2007
Filming for French TV channel France 5 in The Covenanters Prison and Edinburgh Vaults over 2 days.

Mark Turner filming for a production to be shown on TV channel UK Current.

October 2006
Mark Turner interviewed on a live broadcast from Borthwick Castle for a Scottish Television news feature.

Various newspaper features including Scotland on Sunday & The Glaswegian.

Mark Turner conducts two live interviews on BBC Radio Kent.

Many newspaper and magazine publications featuring The Canterbury Tales EVP experiments with Mark Turner of Ghost Finders.

Two Interviews on Haunted Voices Radio.

Article published throughout Europe in the Epoch Times, click here to read.

September 2006
Filming for documentary to be shown on Al Jazeera English TV Channel.

May 2006
Various media appearances including Television, magazines and newspapers about Ghost Finders EVP sessions at Edinburgh Ghost Fest 2006.

February 2006 - September 2006
Many various media appearances including Radio and TV, Paranormal Magazine and The Psychic Voice.

10th February 2006 - The Northern Scot
Full page Article about Ghost Finders investigation at The Abbey Inn, Kinloss.

7th February 2006 - Press & Journal
Article about Ghost Finders investigation at The Abbey Inn, Kinloss.

28th January 2006 - Scotland's Weekly News
General article about the Ghost Finders team.

31st October 2005 - Scotsman Online - Heritage & Culture
Article on Ghost Finders investigation at New Lanark World Heritage Site. Read the article here

13th May 2005 - BBC Radio Scotland
Live paranormal experiment by Ghost Finders from The Saracen Head pub Glasgow.

11th May 2005 - Daily Record
2 Page centre spead on Ghost Finders investigation at The Saracen Head public house, Glasgow.

30th April 2005 - The Herald - Magazine
5 Page spread on the Ghost Finders team with interviews, photographs and details from our Culzean Castle and Inveraray Jail Investigations.

29th January 2005 - Evening Times
2 Page Centre Spread on Ghost Finders featuring details and photographs from our Glasgow Transport Museum Investigation.

7.30pm 6th January 2005 - ITV ‘Beyond Explanation’
Paranormal Television Series featuring Mark Turner of Ghost Finders discussing events at our Tulloch Castle Investigation.

26th December 2004 - Sunday Mail
Article on Ghost Finders and details of the Culcreuch Castle Investigation.

22nd December 2004 - Cumbernauld News
Article on Ghost Finders coming appearance in ITV Paranormal Series ‘Beyond Explanation’

17th November 2004 - Cumbernauld News
Article on Ghost Finders and details of the Edinburgh Vaults Investigation.

12th November 2004 - Ross-Shire Journal
Article on Ghost Finders and details of the Tulloch Castle Investigation.

1st November 2004 - Daily Express
Article on Edinburgh Vaults Charity Investigation in aid of Streetwork UK.

Mark Andrew Turner - Discovery Channel Filming
Filming at Borthwick Castle for The Discovery Channel. May 2007.

The Discovery Channel Paranormal

Mark Turner Ghost Finders

ITV's "Beyond Explanation" featuring
Mark Turner of Ghost Finders

Nine Network Australia
Nine Network Australia

ITV Ghost

BBC Haunted

STV Ghost Paranormal


Evening Times Ghost


The Herald Haunted

Sunday Mail Haunted


 Daily Express Ghost






























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