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Haunted Scotland
Here is a list of just a few of the thousands of cases of alleged hauntings in Scotland. For more locations and details of our past paranormal investigations and results, please see our investigations page.

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Andrew Mackie’s House, Kircudbrightshire

In Kirkcudbrightshire, the house of Andrew Mackie is believed to have been the site of poltergeist activity. The activity was well documented by Reverend Andrew Telfair and the testimony of many witnesses including other members of the clergy. The activity was widely varied. Stones were thrown at the house by unseen hands, a basket of peat was upturned and set alight inside the house. People were thrown across rooms, scratched, had their hair pulled and were hit with sticks. Some bones were found outside the house and were taken away but the activity increased so the bones were brought back to the house. The activity lasted for months before coming to an end. There are many theories as to the reasons behind this activity.

Broomhill House, Larkhall

The ghost at Broomhill House, larkhall was the subject of a TV documentary in the 1960’s. The ghost is apparently that of an Indian lady who was brought over by an British army general when returning from duty abroad. Buildings on this site have been knocked down and rebuilt over time but the “Black lady’s” presence still seems to remain as she has been sighted many times.

Clumly Farm, Orkney

A ghostly white horse haunts Clumly Farm in Orkney. It is believed that a young woman came to work on the farm in the late nineteenth century. The farmer’s two sons both of whom fell in love with the woman were played off against each other and ended hating each other.
One son struck the other with a flail, cracking his skull open and killing him. He disposed of the brother’s body at the cliffs at Yesnaby. Feeling he was pursued by the ghost of the dead man he rode as fast as he could. The horse’s hooves struck a stone dyke causing many stones to fall over. It is said that nobody has since been able to repair that part of the dyke. The phantom horse and rider have been seen often particularly on stormy nights.

County Hotel, Dumfries

The county hotel, Dumfries, was demolished in the early 1980’s. It was formerly known as the Commercial Inn and before that as the Blue Bell Inn. During the Jacobite uprising the inn was visited by Bonnie Prince Charlie. The soldiers under the Prince stopped off at Dumfries on their march to and from Derby, and on the return journey demanded £2000 and one thousand pairs of shoes from the inhabitants. The spirit of Bonnie Prince Charlie kept returning to the town and usually appeared in the county hotel.


The battle of Culloden took place on 16th April 1746 and ghosts are still said to be seen on the battlefield especially around the anniversary. Marching Highlanders, bleeding men and corpses are all said to have been seen. Many noises, such as clashing swords, gunfire and cries of the wounded are also reported. One ghostly figure which has been reported, is that of a young Highlander looking thoroughly dejected murmuring the word ‘defeated’.


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