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Monster - The A-Z Of Zooform Phenomena By Neil Arnold
Latest Book Review
Monster - The A-Z Of Zooform Phenomena By Neil Arnold
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Edinburgh Ghost Fest 2010
Mary King's Ghost Fest
The Ghost Finders team conducted experiments at Mary King's Ghost Fest.

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Charity Fund Raisers Required!
Fund raisers are required for a charity paranormal investigation on behalf of Sense Scotland. The investigation will take place at Castle Menzies. For more information...
Ghost Finders US Trip

Ghost Finders Scotland

Ghost Finders Scotland are a team of experienced Paranormal Investigators/Researchers who investigate cases of suspected paranormal phenomena. Objective in their approach, the team conduct investigations using an array of scientific equipment to attempt to capture evidence of the existence of spirits as well as testing more traditional methods of spirit communication. Ghost Finders are now one of the most successful paranormal investigations teams in the UK and have been featured on many TV and radio productions. Mark Andrew Turner, co-founder of Ghost Finders Scotland has committed his life to the paranormal by becoming a full time investigator. Mark also co-founded and runs the EVP Research Association UK.

The team are fully insured and approach all of their investigations in a serious and scientific manner while conducting research in some of the most haunted locations in Scotland. Ghost Finders operate as a non-profit organisation and are funded purely by team members and donations.
On browsing this website you can view details of some of the team’s past investigations along with EVP files, video clips, photographs and details about alleged haunted locations. If you would like any more information about Ghost Finders, or have any comments about this website then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact details can be found here. for UK students - can provide you with original ghost story essays written from scratch.

Ghost Finders Visit United States
Mark Turner of Ghost Finders travelled to the United States in to investigate locations in North Carolina and Gettysburg. It was a fascinating and enjoyable trip. More information and photographs can be found at the link below.
Ghost Finders US Trip
Ghost Finders Paranormal Forum
Have you got a story that you would like to share? Having trouble with a problem spirit? Or just want to talk about ghosts in general? Join Ghost Finders Paranormal Forum by clicking the link below. The Ghost Finders team conduct chat nights covering everything from EVP to Psychic Development in our forum chat room.
Paranormal Forum

Paranormal Forum

EVP Research

Research project into how atmospheric variables can affect the outcome of EVP experiments i association with the EVP Research Association UK.
EVP Research Association UK


lunar phases
Paranormal Talk Radio
Join Mark Turner and Lisa Lundie of Ghost Finders for The Paranormal Zone radio show every Wednesday at 9pm. Click here
Paranormal Articles Section

Check out the latest articles in our new Paranormal articles section. Three articles have now been added with more coming soon.
Paranormal Articles

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